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PX MK3 Bi-Turbo Snorkel Only

$850 Excl. GST

or 4 payments of $212.50 with Afterpay


This snorkel is for PX Mk3 Bi-Turbo ONLY

  • All our snorkels are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • All our snorkels are Seamless welded (no welds through out the snorkel giving you a mandrel bent look)
  • Recessed into guard to follow all the body pillar angles and alignments
  • Our snorkels come as a DIY kit complete with instructions/ Guard cutout template/ Rubber pinchweld/Polyurethane flexi hose and stainless hose clamps.
  • Different JMAX sticker colours available

For more details feel free to contact our friendly staff or download our FAQ sheet with the following link: PX Ranger

NOTE: These snorkels will require you to modify your standard airbox and water seal it using silicone. This will include fitting a blanking plate and drilling a 3 1/2″ hole through the wall of your airbox. Parts included will be a blanking plate, a 3 1/2″ aluminium flange and extra pop rivets. It will not come with silicone.


Note: Due to the custom nature of our work our estimated wait time is currently around 4-5 weeks (business days) from the date of order.
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